About Us


We’re all about doing whatever it takes to make sure our clients thrive and shine online. But finding each client’s online sweet spot and sustaining their unique flow of success cannot happen over night (anyone who promises that truly effective digital marketing can, is lying). As you might guess, this means we’re not into brief encounters. Our client relationships are committed, long-term partnerships. The fact is, we live and breathe our clients’ digital businesses because our success is defined by theirs.

About The SYSTEMYZED® Training Academy 

Expert Education & Support

Led by and carefully curated by SYSTEMYZED®'s CEO Lucy Hutchings Hunt, our dedicated team of trainers, coaches and professional consultants are industry experts with the thousands of case studies, credentials and decades of experience to prove it between them. 

Caring & Giving Community

Our team and community are unreservedly welcoming and non-judgemental. All questions are valid and heard. We know that creating a safe space in which you can ask and get feedback on whatever you need to in order to move onwards and upwards to your next level of expertise, is sacred.

Cutting Edge Skills Sharing

Sharing is caring. We live by the mantra 'you have to give it away to keep it'. Therefore, we share with you our absolutely best stuff. Industry best practice combined with invaluable insights from years of hands on experience. We keep things simple and don't over complicate. Think of our courses as high level, fast track digital education for non-techies.


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