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This is not your average business consultancy.
This is about identifying what’s holding you back, then creating highly personal & individualised 
success blueprints for business and for life.

Brave Branding
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Lean Digital Strategy
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Work with Lucy if you want to…
Stop stalling.
Get clear on goals.
Start to shift.
Embrace technology.
Build your brand.
Make great things happen.

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Lucy’s Why

“Everything I do in life and business is underpinned by my mission to contribute fully to a burgeoning equality-based, heart-led, service-focused norm for entrepreneurs… specifically one that inherently supports (not stymies) women to realise their potential in business.

I believe a big part of making this happen is educating business owners to understand that it’s OK to be vulnerable and to get honest about when they need to ask for help. Its also about encouraging them to focus on achieving personal growth & fulfilment over ticking the boxes of old belief systems and outdated metrics for success. Its about making sure they know to surround themselves with likeminded, supportive peers as well as to find the right business coach, consultant or mentor for them.

There is no question that the world needs those who have potential to actively step into the best version of themselves. To be the best they can in business; to scale their businesses where appropriate; to be sustainably prosperous; to provide as many jobs with security and good wages as possible; to pay fair taxes and ultimately to add the maximum they personally can to society – in order that life in our global village becomes better for us all…

I would love to know what your WHY is…?”
Email Lucy now to SHARE YOUR WHY.

About Lucy

“Lucy is a heart-led Business Growth Architect.
She mixes vision, humanity & technology to unleash her clients entrepreneurial potential”

I am committed to helping people reach their unique potential in life and business. I have the ability to see the brilliance in people when they can’t see it in themselves or haven’t given themselves permission to see it yet! I also love helping to solve complex business ‘positioning’ problems and working out big-picture solutions.

Personal Development combined with Brave Branding™ and ‘long-game’ Digital Marketing is what I specialise in. I don’t want to see a client ‘flash in the pan’. I want to see them grow and thrive; viably, organically and enduringly. I help my clients go from strained to strong in their businesses by empowering them to build firm, holistic foundations for growth. I do this using a combination of tried and tested coaching tools, proven digital marketing strategies and expert business systems consultancy. With a specific focus on business, I support clients as they work through a transformation and sustainably step into their ‘best business selves’.

On a personal level, I’ve been through the life mill in my 3 (and a bit) decades. This helps me identify with lots of issues that often hold people back in life and business. I’ve suffered from mental health issues including, clinical depression, PTSD and (through the ages of 11 to 23) I endured a crazy-making, all-consuming eating disorder that marred my youth.

At times these illnesses threatened to completely derail me, if not put an early end to me. But I’ve learned to accept and live with them as well as manage my addictive personality. With the help of some great mentors and coaches, I’ve worked through my issues and forged (a sometimes rocky path) to recovery and personal growth. I’ve lived to tell the tale and thrive in business as the CEO of my own Digital Marketing & Web Development agency SYSTEMYZED™ become a wife and mother of three and – perhaps most importantly – to have peace of mind whilst being well enough to help others.


Step Into
Your Best Business Self


Lucy will help you…
Embrace technology
Brainstorm business ideas.
Clarify your business vision.
Shift ‘Business Owner’s Block’.
Define next steps.
Structure your plans.
Build personal confidence.
Troubleshoot confidential business problems.
Identify subconscious barriers to progress.
Devise ways to get organised.
Build your brand.

And What About you?


“Lucy is completely addictive, she is an absolute energy buzz! She will move mountains to satisfy your professional needs and goes out of her way to deliver. One of Lucy’s many qualities is her ability to listen and from there offer you sound, constructive advice. Her brain is an absolute overload of new ideas and information as she has a great thirst for moving forwards. Lucy is someone you need in your team!”

Angelique Sawtell, AS International

“Lucy is a highly dedicated individual with fantastic market knowledge and experience. Since founding my own company, I have received both mentoring and business coaching and advice in terms of growth and development. Lucy always puts others before herself and is one of the most dedicated and hardworking ladies I know. I would not hesitate to recommend working with her.”

Laura Buss, VN Recruitment

“When you work for yourself, it can be lonely. Lucy is incredibly inspirational and makes you feel like you can do it, even when you’re feeling like you most definitely can’t. Just to see what she’s done and how she’s giving back to the business community is incredible.”

Alexandra Badita, Impressivity