Live The Change
With Laura Shuckburgh, Founder of Marvellous Midlife.

Laura is a Life Coach and pro-age, menopause activist. She is all about fitness and healthy food inspiration for midlife women so they can arrive at 50 plus and feel fabulous!



“We are here to grow and become the best human being we can be.”

Live The Change With Laura Shuckburgh.

Laura Shuckburg is an agent of change and a champion for thriving. She is a Life Coach and menopausal consultant for women in their midlife. At the age of 47, Laura began experiencing initially inexplicable symptoms of anxiety and brain fog that felt like borderline dementia though to her surprise, it was Peri Menopause. This led her to explore issues related to women's hormones and ultimately to what she does now - which is help women in midlife successfully navigate hormonal changes.

In a decision to live life to the fullest, rather than in resentment, Laura left her marriage in 2020 and set off to France with her dog, a van, and a new zest for life. With her business Marvellous Midlife and the recent addition of Menopause Hive, Laura’s goal is to inspire women to pave their own path to happiness and fulfilment as they journey through the most pivotal moment of their life.

Some questions I ask:
How has PMDD defined your life?
What brought you to France? Why now?
How did you decide to live and run your business in a van?

In this episode, you will learn:
How Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder affects your life and state of being
The butterfly effect; why choices should always be examined carefully and come from a heartfelt place
Why outright hatred or judgment towards a person is often a reflection of ourselves that we refuse to acknowledge

Laura's 3 gems:
Listen to your body
Take up meditation
Try to be happy with what is present 

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