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With Janet Henson, Divorce & Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach

Janet specializes in narcissistic abuse recovery, ex-pat divorces, and late-in-life divorces. Her mission is to lift people out of the hole that was dug by a charmer who became a harmer!



“Listen to your gut instinct. It's always there!”

Live The Change With Janet Henson

Being in a relationship with a narcissist is no easy feat; learning your partner is a narcissist is even worse, but leaving the relationship can be unfathomably difficult.

Janet Henson’s professional mission is to support those in just that scenario; she is a divorce and narcissistic recovery coach. She helps people equip themselves in making the hardest transitions of their lives by empowering, affirming, and providing support every step of the way.

Having had her own ordeal with a narcissist, Janet uses her experience as a roadmap for how to recognise red flags and navigate their personalities. She specialises in narcissistic abuse, ex-pat divorces, and late-in-life divorces, and her mission is to lift people out of the hole that was dug by a charmer who became a harmer.

Some questions I ask:
In what ways has narcissism become widely known as a personality disorder? How can people identify it?
What would you say to someone who has a narcissistic person in their life?
What is your experience being in a relationship with someone who is a narcissist?
What would you say to people who are confronted by others for distancing yourself from the narcissist in your life?

In this episode, you will learn:
How to learn attributes of a narcissist; charming, clever, false compassion (the charmer and the harmer)
Narcissist can develop their personality from their upbringing; ie helicopter parents with high expectations, parent who are narcissistic themselves and adopted behaviour
Narcissists tend to target people who are empathetic

Janet's 3 gems:
Listen to your gut instinct
Enjoy and appreciate life
Make sure to always keep healthy

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