Live The Change.
with Attorney & Sext-Education™ expert Lisa Houlé.

Lisa’s decades of experience as both a Prosecutor and Criminal Defense Attorney are the driving force behind her movement, Sext-Education™: Before You Push Send



“We have to be aware of possible life changing consequences”

Live The Change with Attorney & Sext-Education™ expert Lisa Houlé


Some Questions I Ask:

As Deputy District Attorney “Prosecutor” in Los Angeles County, most of your time in the DA’s office was spent prosecuting sex crimes, domestic violence, domestic homicides, and stalking:
How have you balanced work, mental health and family life in such a challenging industry?
How do you deal with the daily emotional challenges of working in your sector of the law?
What has motivated you to set up the ‘Sext-Education™: Before You Push Send*’ campaign?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How Lisa’s work as a Los Angeles State Prosecutor and her current role as Defense Attorney has positioned her as an expert in navigating the current global epidemic (or rather pandemic) of ‘sexting’.
How ‘Sext-Education™: Before You Push Send’ is a programme set up to educate and bring awareness to children, teens, and parents about the dangers of sexting.
How young people are inadvertently destroying their lives and those of others because of their lack of awareness as well as ignorance of the law and the potential repercussions of their sexting. How the phenomenon of sexting does not discriminate; sexting is happening everywhere, regardless of age, race, socioeconomic background, etc. (Kids as young as elementary school are sexting with kids their age and older). Why ‘Sext-Education’ should be high on every parent’s and school’s agenda.

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