Live The Change.
With Alex Smallman, Founder of Ubermummies

Fitness & lifestyle dynamo and online community creator, Alex Smallman
shares her life and beautiful business story.



“The bloodline of Ubermummies is friendship and bringing people together.”

Live The Change with Alex Smallman

I can frequently be found at 6.30am in the morning working out in front of Alex’s online exercise classes. My body (and positivity) has been transformed since I signed up with Ubermummies, Alex’s health and fitness business.

From being the owner of a successful construction company for ten years, she found herself at rock bottom when a broken relationship left her without direction and without her business. 18 months on her back after spinal surgery involved a slow physical recovery but a chance to figure out a new path.

The Ubermummies community is growing and Alex is as determined as ever to make an impact on women wanting to become their best self.

Some questions I ask:

Where did your ability to be brave come from?
What happens next when your life has become a car crash?
How did Ubermummies evolve and go online in 2020?

In this episode, you will learn:

Life is about timing and things stacking up when they are meant to.
We are all in charge of our own destiny but if you’re not happy, know that everything will work out.
How other people can sometimes see you more clearly than you can see yourself The positive energy of being in an empowering community of women.

Alex’s 3 gems:

If you want something to be different, you have to get started in making that change. Be consistent and keep showing up – the results will come. Be collaborative and kind in everything that you do.

Connect with Alex:
Website: Ubermummies
Instagram: Ubermummies
Facebook: Ubermummies

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