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Helping our clients 
go from digital marketing chaos
to digital marketing clarity.

Our dedicated, proprietary approach to your 100% bespoke, measurable, 12 month strategy; complete with tactics, objectives and an actionable task list.

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What if... the more people you helped, the more money you made?

What if... you had robust and proven systems that enabled you to endlessly (and systematically) duplicate your message in order to reach a potentially limitless number of your ideal customers?

What if the 'Grow Your Expert Brand' programme was the answer to these 'What ifs'?


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To focus and speedily make extraordinary things happen, you need to identify (with certainty) your over arching goal. We help you uncover this unique and personal objective.

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Making a lot of money helping a lot people will seem simple once you know how. But it's all about getting clear on the milestones and the required plan of action to reach them.

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We demystify the digital marketing minefield and create a structured step by step plan (with task lists!) that will incrementally grow your impact, influence and income.

The Lean Digital Strategy programme has evolved because so may of our clients have been asking for it. Time and again we hear business owners saying, ‘Help! We’re so fed up with leaking money on digital marketing. It feels like we are continually throwing metaphoric spaghetti at a digital wall just to see what sticks’. Does that cry out resonate with you?
Lean Digital Strategy will put a stop to this. It helps business owners stop wasting money left, right and centre because they are making knee-jerk, reactive decisions about what to invest in when it comes to digital marketing. Every business owner knows they need to ‘do digital marketing’ but very few are sure about why, what, where and how they should do it in order to reach their own unique business’ goals.
That’s where we come in. We help break down (or deconstruct) the current strategy (if indeed there is one) so we can help you build a coherent, intentional strategy in such a way that it is measurable, cost effective and actually works. Nb. This programme is collaborative and requires full, open-minded and open-hearted commitment from the business owner or lead business decision maker. This is not a pre-recorded course; it revolves around live, interactive meetings either virtually via Zoom or (as a preference) in person.

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Are you... 

Dedicated to making the world a better place by building your mission-driven brand?

Committed to doing whatever it takes to have your most powerful and positive societal impact?

Committed to using your personal, ‘Unique Genius’ for the greater good? And prepared to let go of your ego and your fear of what others might think in order to do this?

Wanting to live a life of abundance and prosperity whilst helping others to do the same?

Struggling to be your own champion or sell yourself even though you 100% believe in your service or product?

Wanting to have more positive impact online but don’t know where to start?

 Wanting to focus on doing what you’re an expert in: rather than wasting time ‘trialling and error-ing’ endless digital marketing strategies, systems and processes (that will no doubt be out of date by the time you’ve mastered them)?

Did you answer YES to any of the above?


If so that’s great news. That means you are likely to be ideally suited to partner in LEAN DIGITAL STRATEGY with Lucy and her team.

Using Kajabi, we'll help you solve your clients' problem differently and better than anyone else. We'll position you to be more visible than your competitors so you can reach and help more of your ideal customers and make more money to take positive action with.

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Lucy's proprietary programme for creating your business's bespoke, 12 month digital growth strategy; complete with goals, objectives, tactics and an actionable, timetabled task list. Helping you build a coherent, intentional plan that is measurable, cost effective and that works.

  • 3 x 75 minute discovery & deep dive sessions (on-line workshops)
  • Ideal Customer Analysis
  • Written Lean Digital Strategy™ document covering a 12 month plan with associated high-level task lists broken down into into quarterly objectives, goals and tasks
  • Detailed recommended / improved website architecture
  • Social media posting plan with suggested / recommended hashtags
  • Business Mindset Mastery coaching
  • Dedicated Slack support thread with 24 hour SLA
  • **Please note Facebook Ads management is not included in this package**

* Read more about Lean Digital Strategy
**Extra 'done for you' services include Brave Branding 'brand revamps', Copywriting, Facebook Ads or other Pay Per Click Ads Management, Book Buddy Book Creation, Podcast Management, Youtube Channel Management, Digital PR, CRO / SEO or Certified Virtual Business Managers™ (CVBM™) support (ideal for Membership Community Management). Software license fees and advertising spend are payable direct to any necessary suppliers.
Read more about 'done for you' services provided by Lucy Hutchings Hunt & Co

Invest in an abundant future for yourself, your business & the world. 

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