Phase 3 - Launch Marketing & Support

You want to take your new Kajabi product(s) to market and launch with a fanfare whilst avoiding the often lonely and baffling online-launch minefield. We support you to reverse engineer your marketing success strategy using tried and tested tactics. We have your digital back every step of the way as you launch your impressive new platform.

From £1500 GBP p/m + Commission

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I authorise LUCY HUTCHINGS HUNT & CO, to charge my card(s) as indicated above. I understand and commit to working with Lucy Hutchings Hunt and her team in total integrity, honesty and confidentiality. I understand and agree that, by completing and signing this enrollment form, I will have my card(s) charged at the participation rate described above as based on my selected investment option for my inclusion in this training. I understand all transport to and from meetings (and lodging where needed) is my responsibility and not the responsibility of.

Terms & Conditions: This is an offer to enter into a contract with LUCY HUTCHINGS HUNT (the “Company”). You agree that, if the Company accepts your application, you will have entered into a legally binding contract with the Company. By signing below, you agree that your participation in the programme will be governed by the following terms and conditions:

Confidentiality: The Company respects your privacy and we must insist that you also respect our privacy, as well as that of any fellow participants. In the course of your participation in the programme, confidential and proprietary information, plans, ideas, and trade secrets will be revealed by The Company and by participants. You agree that you will not disclose such information to any person or entity outside of discussions of programme sessions and will not use any confidential or proprietary materials acquired by you through the programme for any purpose whatsoever outside of the programme, whether commercial, educational or otherwise. By signing below, you acknowledge that all confidential material and information to you is and remains the sole intellectual property of the Company or the participant who revealed it.

Coaching & consultancy Agreement: Lucy Hutchings Hunt (alongside her team at LUCY HUTCHINGS HUNT) agree to serve as your Digital Business Coaches & Consultants, teacher and business advocates. We agree to partner with you to identify and achieve your personal and/or professional goals. As your Coach & Consultant, we cannot guarantee results. You will create powerful results by having the courage and determination to forward the action in your life and implement the strategies provided. During the time we spend together in our coaching & consultancy sessions, we will devote our time, thoughts, and energy to you exclusively. In between our sessions, we may not be instantly available, as we may be attending to others. We will however, always attempt to be available within 4 hours, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). We are Coaches, consultants and mentors, not psychotherapists or physicians, and we are not trained in diagnosing psychological or medical conditions. If any issues come up for you that should be handled by a licensed therapist or physician, we insist that you must attend to your health by contacting the appropriate professional. As your Coach, we will bring attentive listening, understanding and belief in you and commitment to your success. You can expect us to challenge you, offer fresh perspectives, make requests (including assigning homework) , acknowledge your wins and guarantee utmost confidentiality (to the fullest extent of the law, and so long as we don’t fear for your or another’s safety) in the powerful, sacred relationship.

Service Agreement: Lucy Hutchings Hunt (alongside her team at LUCY HUTCHINGS HUNT) agree to do everything in their power to deliver on the contractual obligations of this agreement within the posited time frames. For avoidance of doubt, working hours are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm excluding UK bank holidays and UK public holidays. Any items created as a result of our team’s work with you and the associated Intellectual Property will be the property of you and/or your business once payment for your product is paid in full accordinging to the contract. On completion of the product delivery your website hosting with Kajabi will continue directly with Kajabi as the provider. After programme completion (and in the absence of a contractual Digital Maintenance agreement for your Kajabi site) any ad-hoc work you wish Lucy’s team to undertake will be chargeable at Lucy’s team’s hourly rate.  All issues with digital maintenance support should be directed to the email address [email protected] . We aim to deal with support requests in a timely manner (we always attempt to be available within 4 hours, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) however if your request is business critical we ask that you mark it as URGENT so that we can address it as a matter of urgency and escalate the issue accordingly.

Please note: after the mutually agreed completion or termination of your Programme, any ad-hoc coaching & consultancy or work with LUCY HUTCHINGS HUNT will be chargeable at LUCY HUTCHINGS HUNT’s personal hourly as indicated on her website.

Client Agreement: I am motivated and committed to taking action on my determined personal and professional goals. I realise that anything less than my intentional full participation will not lead to my success. I accept full responsibility for myself and any actions to take that might result from coaching & consultancy. I understand that I am responsible for all travel expenses. I am healthy enough to engage in coaching & consultancy. I can financially afford the coaching & consultancy fee at this time. I agree to be auto-charged for the coaching & consultancy in which I have agreed to participate. I agree that ultimately, it is my responsibility that my coach gets paid for the services I use. There are no refunds for coaching & consultancy services. I agree to honour my scheduled session times.

Financial Responsibility: We have made every effort to accurately represent the programme and its potential. Every individual’s success depends on many factors, including his or her background, dedication, desire, motivation, and the nature of the business in which he or she is engaged. By signing below, you represent to the Company that payment of your fee will not place a significant financial burden on you, your business or your family and that any decisions or actions you take in response to advice or information acquired in the programme, and their consequences, are your sole responsibility.

Lodging/Travel Accommodation: You are responsible for your travel, transport and accommodation in respect of meetings, in-person workshops and live events.

Disclaimer: The Programme instructors and coaches are not qualified to provide legal, tax occurring or financial planning advice and the information they provide is not intended as such. By signing below, you agree that you will refer all legal, tax, accounting, and financial planning questions which may arise to qualified professionals.

Communication Policy: If we ever say or do anything that upsets you or doesn’t feel right, please bring it to our attention so that we can resolve it as soon as possible. Our objective is to have a coaching & consultancy & consultancy relationship that is fully open, honest, real and trusting in our communication styles. We should both realise that communication via telephone or email entails extra challenges since we cannot see body language, facial expressions, etc. Therefore we give each other plenty of latitude and promptly ask for clarification if there is a miss-connection.

Make-Up Policy: If you need to reschedule a coaching & consultancy call please give us a minimum of 24 hours’ notice unless it’s an emergency. Our calendar fills up quickly and we are committed to your success. If you do not show up for a scheduled call or VIP session, for any reason, and provide no notice, we will not make up that time. If we need to reschedule, we will give you at least 24 hours’ notice as well, barring an emergency or illness. There are no refunds for missed sessions.

Termination: The Company is committed to providing you with a positive and productive experience. By signing below, you agree that the Company, at its sole discretion, may suspend or terminate your right to participate in the programme if you become difficult to work with, fail to follow programme guidelines or if the relationship has broken down irretrievably. Any outstanding commission payments up until the termination date will be due and no refund for the termination month will be issued. 

Cancellation Policy: As time and event attendance is reserved specifically for you, the Company has a strict cancellation/no-show policy. We ask that you notify us of any PHONE or Zoom (coaching & consultancy call) cancellation at least 24 hours in advance. If not, your coaching & consultancy call is considered missed and used. Any phone or coaching & consultancy meetings cancelled within 24 hours will be deemed as “used” and that time will be deducted from your coaching & consultancy package or fees paid.

Live Workshops: Any live workshops events and/or retreats where Lucy has committed (RSVP’d) and canceled in less than 7 days or less, will find Lucy and LUCY HUTCHINGS HUNT responsible for any cost incurred on her behalf (such as travel or accommodation). If you (the client) cancels in 7 days or less you will be responsible for any cost incurred on her behalf.

Governing Law: This agreement shall be construed in accordance with and governed by English Law and any action brought under this contract will be filed in England. By entering into this contract, both parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of England with regard to any action which arises out of this contract.