Yesterday I was looking for a definition of ‘Feminine Power’. I couldn’t find one so I came up with my own. Here we go…

Feminine Power is:


You know when you meet a woman who is totally rocking her Feminine Power because she is positively magnetic. She literally draws people and good energy towards her. She might naturally be subdued or a shy person but the fact she’s channeling Feminine Power gives her quiet, steely confidence. Add to that the fact she lives and breathes her authentic message and you’ll find she doesn’t need to be loud or in your face to powerfully communicate it. Entirely the opposite. It’s her deeds, actions and reputation which amplify the message and act like a megaphone. Such a magnetic, Feminine Power-fuelled woman could find herself born not shy or subdued but instead inherently gregarious or brazenly confident. The thing is when she’s rocking her FP she’s never brash or grating. Far from it. She becomes discerning about when and how to speak up or shout out. Her high-energy ceases to tire others and morphs into enthusing and engaging them. Her vitality and confidence now serve to pump-up rather than wind-up those around her.

OK but what exactly is it these magnetic women are doing to access that ‘Feminine Power’?


It’s simple when you know how. But nigh on impossible if you don’t. The fact is these otherwise unexceptional women have purposefully taken a decision to engage with their unique inner genius. They’ve taken some version of affirmative, loving action that’s put them on the road to invoking their higher calling. They’re making a concerted effort to step into their best selves. The action will be special to them but the right to take such action is entirely universal. By pro-actively deciding to take action, our women are now ‘in flow’. They’re working with the universe’s positive energy instead of against it. They become a collaborative part of co-creating positive ripple effects which lead to favourable, game-changing outcomes. The formerly shy or latterly brazen woman now doesn’t need to hide in a corner or yell and bamboozle others to get her message across. Instead it’s the commitment to action; the choosing to decisively engage in genuine passion for whatever is her cause or subject area; the poise and gutsiness she shows in the process of taking such action— this is what helps to un-impede her so she’s freed up to focus.

But where do they get all their energy from?


Something has happened in the lives of these women to trigger them into action. There are some who do it from the day they can communicate and they are a phenomena but not unheard of (angels perhaps?) More often a person has been backed into a corner by life up to a certain point. A point at which she has become so uncomfortable or her pain has been so great, she has been forced to go searching for a purpose outside herself. She is driven to find meaning in life or else she simply can’t function in the world. She may have had some tragedy or heartache befall her. She might have been jolted into a sense of urgency by some external event that strikes a powerful chord. She might have lost a loved one or been through serious illness. Most often she has suffered and wants to, in some way, ease the suffering of others. Whatever the constellation of life events which guide her to finding her purpose, it’s the fact she turns the negative on it’s head and derives direction that matters. The discovery of her unique purpose means she now has a compass to guide her and keep her on a path. She might waver or get diverted from time to time but she now has the gift of knowing how to realign when she falters. The knowledge she’s got a clear objective to aim for manifests a map to orientate with — this purpose is what propels her onwards to her destination.

OK but what keeps our ‘feminine-power fuelled’ woman going even when it looks like her purpose might seem unachievable?


This one is simple. The woman who has discovered and is channelling her Feminine Power is accepting of the fact there is indisputably a power greater than herself. She has come to a realisation she’s not in charge of and is wholly unable to control outcomes in any situation. Instead she has faith. That is to say she knows in her core when she puts ‘working towards achieving her purpose’ as the focus of whatever her activity is, every.thing.else will inevitably be OK in the end. She accepts that if she does her bit with love and faith, things will happen exactly as they should. This woman lets go of bargaining or controlling ways of thinking and ‘hands over’ the outcomes of every situation for the universe (not her) to deal with. She faithfully trusts that as long as she is taking action to step into her best self and work for the greater good — everything else will workout fine and be as it should.

OK but what makes this power ‘feminine’ and not ‘masculine’?


No one is saying men can’t channel Feminine Power. We should ALL be able to access our feminine ‘power centres’. It’s just that historically ‘Masculine Power’ is identified with the ability to rule or quell insurrection through the leverage of fear or brute force – not through the feminine ‘actions’ of lulling, nourishing and nurturing. Feminine Power is derived from more subtle, more creative human behaviours and is way more powerful, sustainable and effective in the long run. This is because, although what we’re talking about is essentially ‘self-interested altruism’ (those who understand that committing to the greater good and putting others first actually results in making the person who is doing it feel really good themselves!), a pre-requisite of doing it in the first place requires the person in question to be ‘right-sized’ aka. humble. Their way of being (as a byproduct of their desire to fulfil a greater purpose) means they simply HAVE to think of and put the needs of others first. Meaning they are able to (at least intermittently) step away from their egos. They realise that instead of manipulating others or using coercive energy to achieve the outcomes they desire they will achieve the outcome that the universe desires in order to thrive (sustainably) by just being loving and embracing and doing the next right thing. Their humility is what makes them subtly, rather than overtly powerful. These people recognise that whilst there is no question we all have our unique inner genius and personal roles to play in the world; nothing is more important than remembering we are all one. It is being humble enough to say “I know I am vital and the pro-active channeling of my inner genius is essential to the betterment of this world but equally, I know I am just another perishable, mortal being and must remember I am just ONE OF MANY…”

So in conclusion it is my belief that Feminine Power is:

‘The positive magnetic force that contributes to enhancing universal outcomes when a person combines ‘taking loving action’ with faith and humility — in order to carry out their higher purpose.’