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Virtual Business Managers™ Certified
Virtual Business Managers are business savvy people with a confident grasp of every area of the current digital marketing landscape. They are able to organise digital marketing projects according to a cost effective and budget-orientated strategy and prioritise digital investment on behalf of their clients. They are able to diagnose problems and come up with timely and practical, cutting edge solutions which accelerate their clients business goals. They are people who can diagnose when it is important to bring in an expert for a specific task or when something can be done in house on a bootstrap.

The Virtual Business Manager course teaches you how to be a highly proficient Digital Marketing General Practitioner. Once you have a really good grasp of all the key areas you can then strategically apply those skills to your business or someone else’s. If you want to go on and become an expert in one specific area that’s great. Currently we are not the people to teach you how to become experts in that one area (although we can recommend the best courses for next step training). We are however the people to teach you about all the currently important areas of digital marketing and how they fit together.
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