Become a Certified VBM™

This 12 week course (taught live so all content is totally current and cutting edge) will systematically demystify the key areas of digital marketing and help you understand how all the moving pieces fit together. You will be enlightened and inspired by Lucy and her entourage of leading industry experts in 24 bi-weekly 45 minute classes. Consistent study of this course over the 12 weeks will inevitably see you speedily level up your digital marketing game. Once completed you will feel ready to make informed decisions about where and how best to invest in your brand’s digital marketing. Nb. This is not a pre-recorded course; it revolves around live, interactive webinars although all sessions will be recorded for student access at a later date.

Notes: This programme requires an engaged brain and serious commitment. There is a ton of content to get through if it is to be completed successfully. Certification on completion requires submission of coursework. Successful completion of the Certified VBM™ programme includes a lifetime inclusion of the Register of Certified VBM™s*.
*Subject to Ts&Cs.
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  • Week 1
    Session 1: Group Kick off call – Getting organised – setting up your drive and finding the the right communication tools and project management software to meet your needs
    Session 2: The importance of Brave Branding™
    BONUS CALL: The concept of MVPs for investment

  • Week 2
    Session 3: Know your audience – Creating customer Avatars
    Session 4: List Building and Inbound Marketing 101
    BONUS CALL: WordPress Websites + Content Management Systems 101

  • Week 3
    Session 5: Monetisation – Products, ‘packaging’. Funnels & Lead Magnets
    Session 6: Intelligent CRMs and Marketing Automation Software 101
    BONUS CALL: Cookies, GDPR and best practise data storage

  • Week 4
    Session 7: Linkedin – setting up your profile for success and strategies for growth
    Session 8: Instagram – setting up your profile for success and strategies for growth
    BONUS CALL: Altruistic business models (non profit vs. profit)

  • Week 5
    Session 9: Strategies for creating recurring income whilst doing what you love
    Session 10: Facebook Groups for business – the 101

  • Week 6
    Session 11: Pre-recorded video for business
    Session 12: Live video streaming for business

  • Week 7
    Session 13: Podcasting for business
    Session 14: Book writing for business

  • Week 8
    Session 15: SEO (Search engine optimisation) (incl. Google search console)
    Session 16: CRO (Conversion rate optimisation)

  • Week 9
    Session 17: PPC (Pay per click advertising)
    Session 18: PR for positioning

  • Week 10
    Session 19: Google Analytics
    Session 20: Content creation strategy

  • Week 11
    Session 21: A ‘Master Services Contract’ (how to deliver it digitally and get it signed!)
    Session 22: Successful selling for Heart Led entrepreneurs

  • Week 12
    Session 23: Facebook and Instagram ads for business
    Session 24: Building a team (in house vs. outsourced)
    BONUS CALL: Creating a Lean Digital Strategy™ that supports your goals

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