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Sunday 22nd – Thursday 26th September 2019
Marbella, Spain 

Ultimate Thrive is THE ultimate luxury business retreat and RE-boot camp

Join us at Ultimate Thrive to learn new skills and up-level your knowledge around:

Digital business models: It’s all about increasing recurring revenue & decreasing your overheads ratio.
Digital marketing strategy. Learn how to structure & implement a powerful and intentional plan.
Success mindset. Identify & overcome personal blocks to exponential success so you can live in your zone of genius.
Team building for digital businesses. How to surround yourself with the right support and structure growth. 
Presentation skills. How to speak to any audience about your business mission; powerfully and authentically.
Are you excited? How excited? We are SOOOOOOO excited!
Countdown to Ultimate Thrive

“Most change starts with the simple process of something outside of us altering something inside of us”

Dr Joe Dispensa PHD, Neuroscientist

About Ultimate Thrive

Would you like to set aside time to focus on your visions, dreams and goals for business?
Would you like to (re)gain focus and clarity, firmly putting that ‘spring’ back in your step?

If the answer is yes to any of the above then ULTIMATE THRIVE will absolutely tickle your entrepreneurial fancy.

Lovingly designed by business women whose ‘soul’ mission in life is to help YOU build and scale a sustainably successful business; ULTIMATE THRIVE is a powerful combination of practical business consultancy and mind-blowing mindset coaching that will leave you feeling focused, supported, completely invigorated and with an achievable plan of action for upping your game.

Ultimate Thrive is where you join together with other heart-led entrepreneurs to learn valuable new skills whilst doing beautiful business-brainstorming in a supportive, practical, safe and super-fun space.
It’s where you relax and rejuvenate in the company of inspiring, like-minded business owners.
It’s where you carve out sacred time to work on your business rather than in it.
It’s where you take time to pro-actively invest in the most important asset you will ever have – YOU! 


Your Ultimate Thrive Hosts 

Lucy Hutchings Hunt
Lucy Hutchings Hunt Digital Strategist & CEO of SYSTEMYZED®
With over 20 years of experience in the charity, global corporate and digital sectors, Lucy is a highly respected Digital Strategist and Digital Business Mentor to thousands of businesses and individuals. Her mission is to help Social Entrepreneurs be brave, reveal their superpowers and create their biggest, most positive global impact.

Lucy launched her first ‘dotcom’ business in 2005. It failed in 2007 teaching her all sorts of painful lessons about how not to scale a business. In 2014, after returning to employed work to support CEOs in the global corporate world (and having had three babies in quick succession) Lucy decided to take charge of manifesting a secure financial future and work life balance for her family by founding her Digital Agency SYSTEMYZED®. She quickly grew this to an award winning, six figure business with a global team of expert consultants and employees. During a 2019 reception at The House of Lords, Lucy was recently recognised as a member of a celebrated cohort of #Top100 British female entrepreneurs.

Supported by her team at SYSTEMYZED® Lucy now focuses on helping Social Entrepreneurs and Social Innovators become leaders in their sectors by creating sustainable digital success for their mission-led businesses. She supports them to channel their unique genius by encouraging them to be daring, vulnerable and courageous. She combines her digital expertise, lessons she learned from failure in her first business and her personal history of recovery from addiction and mental health illness with a profound empathy for her clients’ challenges and struggles. Lucy uses her signature programmes to help them build confidence, get clarity on their business goals and implement practical tools so they can accelerate sustainable success.

Rachel Chan
Rachel ChanHealth & Wellness Coach & CEO of Limitless Living
Rachel takes the phrase ‘mumpreneur’ to a new level. At just 21 years old she launched her first online business partnering with the international Health & Wellness Brand Arbonne. After the birth of her first child she quickly realised the world of a 9-5 job would never give her family the lifestyle they wanted, so went on a mission building her business during maternity leave. Within 6 months Rachel was able to walk away from her 9-5 job and focus on building her business, as well as being more present in her family’s life. Rachel has since scaled her business globally, to now where her turnover in products sales is in excess of $100,000 a month & coached both men & women to build their own successful business partnering with the brand.

Rachel is passionate about promoting Health & Well-being from the inside out. She lives and breathes her message; consistently showing up to coach clients and colleagues alike on how to live a healthier, happier and more abundant lifestyle. She’s learned how to create more health, happiness, freedom and choices in her own life and is committed to sharing her ‘secrets’ with others. She believes that every entrepreneur should master the art of ‘Selling with Soul’ and learn how to connect with their audience authentically by educating them on why their product or service could be a solution for them.
Rachel is a firm believer that no matter who you are or where you come from, anything is possible if you’re prepared to be courageous, dream big and work hard. Her mission is to empower as many people as possible to create the financial freedom and time freedom they deserve; so they can spend more of their valuable time doing the things they love, with the people they love.


Your Ultimate Thrive Speakers & Coaches

Victoria Knowles-Lacks
Victoria Knowles-LacksFounder & CEO of The Ladies Shooting Club
Victoria Knowles-Lacks is a ten times award-winning entrepreneur, an in-demand business coach & mentor and now a best selling author. She has been described as a ‘pioneer’ within the shooting industry and her events, which now have a committed global following have welcomed in excess of 20,000+ women. Victoria started her journey in entrepreneurship in 2011 when she set up ‘The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club’; Europe’s largest, all-female clay shooting club. The club operates some 100 events per year and fosters community, confidence and camaraderie in women’s shooting. Her passion and vision for clay shooting has changed an entire industry and empowered the lives of thousands of women in the process. Victoria has been on TV as a representative for her industry and is featured regularly in the national, international and local press.

Victoria has recently written and published her best selling book ‘Make it Happen’; a book which shares her journey through the profound grief of losing her father to cancer, her hands-on experience of hitting burnout and the actionable and practical strategies she has developed in order to create a sustainable life she now loves. A self-confessed personal development and success junkie; Victoria believes that with the right mindset and motivation “absolutely anything is possible”.

Hela Wozniak-Kay
Hela Wozniak-KaySister Snog Co-Founder & CEO of Totally Hela
Hela Wozniak-Kay is an uber-connectress and charismatic catalyst who connects trailblazing female founders, brimming
with entrepreneurial spirit.
She and her business partner Annie Brooks are the Yin & Yang of Sister Snog. A successful business tribe led by women-for-women, which this year celebrated its 17th anniversary of linking like-minded go-getters so they can help each other continue to thrive, boost their bottom line, supercharge their business and invigorate their brands.
Hela is a branding maven. She cut her teeth working with some of the most challenging creative agencies in London, learning how to deliver complex campaigns to a suite of demanding clients and superstar brands such as Associated Newspapers, Ericsson, Kodak, Ford and Jaguar.
This experience provided her with the knowledge and skill set to launch her own branding consultancy, Snog The Agency, before stepping into the shoes of a brand owner herself.
Hela understands both the challenges of being a small business owner and the challenges small business owners face. And conquer. Which prompted her to recently launch her personal brand; Totally Hela. The perfect platform from which to work with a select number of tomorrow’s trailblazers. Today.
Amy Crumpton
Amy CrumptonFounder & CEO of Social Cactus
Amy Crumpton is a Leeds based Social Media Guru and Business Success Coach for Social Media Managers. As the founder of Social Cactus, she provides social media and business coaching for ambitious women worldwide. Amy fell in love with Social Media Marketing during her time at a Leeds based Marketing and PR Agency. In December 2016, she left agency life behind her and set off on a trip of a lifetime to Central and South America during which she discovered the joys of remote, freelance work for agency owners. Not long after, in 2017, Amy took part in a plant healing ceremony in Peru and decided to set up her own business and call it Social Cactus. No stranger to life as a digital nomad, having spent the best part of 7 years living and travelling the world, Amy knows it is her passion for travel that guided her to launch her own business. Amy has since helped hundreds of female entrepreneurs transform their business with the power of social media.

Amy is committed to her passion for social media and her desire to serve ambitious women to take their businesses to the next level. She works with some of the world’s top success and peak performance coaches and is on a mission to help a million women transform their lives and businesses through social media.

Audrie Woodhouse
Audrie WoodhouseCertified Voice & Presentation Coach & CEO of Honestly Speaking
Audrie is one of the UK’s lead personal development coach and voice and presentation practitioners. As a master coach in her field she is passionate about positively impacting the lives of others and nothing excites her more than working with individuals to deliver the very best version of themselves.
Audrie’s career has taken her around the world gathering expert knowledge and experience. She has worked in theatre, film, and television with organisations such as the Royal Shakespeare Company, the BBC, and ITV. As well as this Audrie has a deep competency in both theory and practice with a Masters in writing, directing and performance and training in personal development and NLP.
She works with the whole client to unlock unique qualities, eradicate insecurities and give them powerful skills to present themselves with confidence, authenticity and integrity. With Audrie you will master your voice and command attention, look and feel like your ultimate success story and get you and your business where you want to be faster.
Be the Voice of your Business and take it to the next level!
Jill Ritchie
Jill RitchieCertified Life Coach & CEO of Jill Ritchie Life Coaching
Jill Ritchie is a Scottish Life & Mindset Coach and Energy Healer. She works with individuals, couples, groups and businesses all over the world to create profound inner and outer transformations. 
Jill specialises in deep inner reconnection; facilitating energetic shifts, changes in negative habitual beliefs and an end to self-sabotaging thoughts. Previous to becoming a Life Coach Jill worked in a senior corporate leadership role for 17 years but towards the end her health began to suffer. When the opportunity for redundancy came up she grabbed it and made the decision to follow her dream of becoming a Certified Life Coach. Her experience has taught her that regardless of where your life story has taken you so far, you have the power to start again; by reconnecting with your truth, and healing your past.
Jill has written for a number of magazines, and her work has been featured in Thrive Global, Huffington Post & Kivo Daily. Jill was also this year’s expert judge at the UK Blog Awards 2019, for both the Mental Health & Wellbeing categories. In 12 months Jill has created a successful global business around her 2 children, Jude & Eden. She believes that letting go of old beliefs and old programming has been key to her success. She is now obsessed with showing others how to do the same.
Kate Kelly
Kate Kelly Graphic Designer & Lead Design Consultant at SYSTEMYZED®
Kate Kelly is the Leeds-based Lead Design Consultant at SYSTEMYZED®. She has a life long passion and zest for all things branding & design which took form during her school years and has latterly seen her studying Graphic Design at Leeds University.

Kate is proud to be a Yorkshire-born and bred Graphic Designer. Her creative eye is never off duty, she finds inspiration in pretty much everything. She loves nothing more than to lose herself in her design work with her dog curled up next to her. She approaches all visual challenges with ambition. Her thoroughly intuitive and detail-oriented approach to developing brand identities means clients’ brand visions and voices manifest powerfully and authentically.

From digital illustration to typography, web design to photo-editing and with expert skills in colour management and colour theory; Kate is extremely versatile and able to turn her hand to anything design related. Kate is dedicated to sharing her message about original, visually powerful, authentic design & branding as far and wide as humanly possible.


Is Ultimate Thrive for you?

Ultimate Thrive is for you if: 

  • You are a business owner or an aspiring business owner looking to (re)connect with your WOW factor

  • You want your business to be sustainably successful in this digital age

  • You want your business to provide a solid financial foundation for a life of prosperity

  • You recognise that creating authentic human connections and being of service to others are the building blocks of success for any business

  • You are focused on stepping into your best business self and building a brand that shines with passion and purpose

  • You are prepared to get out of your comfort zone and rise to necessary challenges

  • You recognise the importance of taking time out to brainstorm with likeminded folk, set goals and get creative about how you achieve those goals

Ultimate Thrive is probably not for you if…

  • You are someone who is content to play small

  • You are someone who is not prepared to work through (and ultimately let go of) limiting self beliefs

  • You are someone who is content to blame others when things don’t go to plan

  • You are someone who wants to spend all night clubbing (we start at 9am and need you fully present and correct!



We are hosting Ultimate Thrive in a stunning, all-inclusive resort location because we want to help you get into that amazing holiday vibe; the one where you feel at your most relaxed, your most inspired, your most peaceful and thus your most creative.

Frankly, if it were just about the content we would make it easy on ourselves and host you in a city centre location somewhere in the UK. But it’s not just about the content. It’s about helping you get into a mind-space and physical-space of total relaxation and immersion in your own professional and personal growth alongside a tribe of likeminded business owners. We want you to put your out-of-office on and consciously switch off from your day-to-day grind and the outside world. We want you to unwind as you settle in for some fully present ‘meeting-of-minds magic’ and ‘beautiful business up-levelling’ by the beach…

With the goal of helping you relax in mind, we’ve included as much as possible in the ticket price so that once in resort, you don’t have to worry about anything other than showing up (in a sarong, maxi dress, a bikini or burkini – whatever floats your boat!).
We know the content is vitally important and powerful but it is this great content – delivered in relaxing and luxurious surroundings – with your food and refreshments included (whilst not having to worry about daily housekeeping or routine tasks) that will make your experience of Ultimate Thrive – truly and uniquely life changing.


Included in the cost of Ultimate Thrive:

  • 4 nights accommodation at The Iberostar Coral Beach, Marbella – in your own private room!

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner including gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options

  • Welcome & closing cocktail receptions

  • 12 hours of expert workshops from some of the UK’s most motivational business coaches

  • Opportunities for 1-2-1 coaching sessions with our expert coaches

  • Brilliant speakers who will inspire and motivate you with their stories of success (and failure!)

  • An all inclusive ‘bonding & brainstorming’ day at Nikki Beach

  • Air conditioned meeting rooms with complimentary coffee breaks & delicious snacks

  • Superb restaurants, pool bar, SeaSoul Beach Club, free WiFi throughout the venue, large terraces and sun loungers; all footsteps from the Sea

  • Networking and the opportunity to build life-long relationships with like-minded business owners

  • The opportunity to share your business challenges and blocks in a safe place

  • Relaxation time to unwind and soak up the sunshine

  • A team of dedicated event professionals & support workers to make sure your Ultimate Thrive runs smoothly

  • SWAG! Lots of glamorous goodies to make your stay extra lux, interesting and fun (exact contents of swag-bags TBC!)

Your Ultimate Thrive Venue

The Iberostar Coral Beach, Marbella, Spain

We have chosen this elegant Mediterranean-style hotel for the Ultimate Thrive venue, as it combines a superb level of professional event delivery with excellent customer service and luxurious rooms. All this paired with fabulous sea views and a first rate beachside location! Surrounded by beautiful gardens, courtyards and palm trees, the Iberostar Coral Beach, Marbella offers peace and tranquility in every corner.  You can relax around the pool, enjoy the beach right on your door step or wind down after workshops and before dinner, in the hotel’s very own SeaSoul Beach Club.

  • 50m from the beach

  • 1km from Puerto Banus

  • 4km from Marbella centre

  • Approximate transfer time to Malaga Airport 40 minutes

Your Ultimate Thrive Agenda

Day one

  • Registration (from 3pm)

  • Welcome cocktails & canapes

Day two

  • Breakfast

  • Workshop

  • Coffee Break

  • Workshop

  • Lunch

  • Workshop

  • Coffee Break

  • Speaker Inspo

  • Chill time

  • Dinner

Day three

  • Breakfast

  • Speaker Inspo

  • Coffee Break

  • Nikki Beach, Baby!

  • Lunch at Nikki Beach

  • 1:1 poolside coaching & consultancy sessions at Nikki Beach

  • Unlimited mojitos at Nikki Beach until 4pm

  • Chill time

  • Return to Iberostar Coral Beach

  • Dinner

Day four

  • Breakfast

  • Workshop

  • Coffee Break

  • Workshop

  • Lunch

  • Workshop

  • Coffee Break

  • Speaker Inspo

  • Chill time

  • Dinner

Day five

  • Breakfast

  • Speaker Inspo

  • 1:1 Photo shoots (pre-booked)

  • Chill time

  • Home time…


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Can I attend Ultimate Thrive if my business is still in the idea stage?2019-05-01T21:55:02+00:00

Absolutely. All we ask is that you’re making a conscious effort to step into your best business self and are committed to making a plan and identifying goals in order to bring your ideas to fruition .


Are flights and transfers included in the price for Ultimate Thrive?2019-05-05T20:04:38+00:00

Flights and transfers are NOT included.


Does Ultimate Thrive cater for disabilities?2019-05-05T20:03:22+00:00

Absolutely. However please contact us directly before booking in order to discuss your specific needs.


Does Ultimate Thrive cater for special dietary requirements?2019-05-05T20:03:00+00:00

These can definitely be catered for but please let us know about any special dietary requirements at least seven days in advance of travel.


Can I pay for Ultimate Thrive in instalments?2019-05-05T20:02:33+00:00

Yes. If you get in early enough you can pay in instalments.


Is Ultimate Thrive a Holiday?2019-05-01T22:00:23+00:00

No. It is not a holiday it is a business retreat; a ‘REBOOT’ camp. Plus it is important to note you will be inside in a meeting room for some parts of this trip. You will also be challenged by the coaches to engage with your inner creative genius – which can actually prove quite hard work at times. That said this is about achieving cathartic breakthroughs alongside which there will be plenty of opportunities to unwind, relax and reflect by the pool and sea. And wherever possible our sessions will take place outside. So even though it’s definitely not a holiday as such, we wouldn’t mind betting you return to the office feeling more refreshed and fired up for work than you will have done after any other break to date!


Can I share a room at Ultimate Thrive?2019-05-05T20:02:03+00:00

Technically you can. But we really don’t recommend it. We want you to have the truly relaxing break you deserve. And in our experience if you are sharing a room and having to deal with another human’s sleeping and waking pattern (or snoring?!) this is not conducive to true relaxation. If you are determined to share a room then contact us directly via email at support@systemyzed.com (before booking) and we will do our best to arrange it for you.

Please join us 22-26th September 2019 in Marbella, Spain

Regular Price £2250pp*

*Purchase by May 31st 2019 to receive £300 OFF and pay only £1950pp!
(Instalment plan available)

Note: Your Earlybird discount goes away on May 31st, so get your ticket TODAY.
We are so excited to welcome you with cocktails, connections and oodles of beautiful business fun.