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Podcasts are awesome. Here’s how to get them. At the moment there are a gazillion APPs and websites out there disseminating podcasts. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on iPhone or Android or if you only have an iPad. I listen to podcasts specific to my industry, health and [...]

Something really interesting happened last week which I've been thinking about for a few days and now feel compelled to write about. We were on holiday as a family in Inishbofin, the most beautiful and idyllic place. It’s a small island off the coast of Galway, Ireland. Inhabitants about [...]

Yesterday I was looking for a definition of ‘Feminine Power’. I couldn’t find one so I came up with my own. Here we go… Feminine Power is: MAGNETISM You know when you meet a woman who is totally rocking her Feminine Power because she is positively magnetic. She [...]

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