PMDD Power

This course is for you if you suffer with PMDD. It is aimed at helping you thrive in life despite the profound cyclical problems that Pre Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder presents with.

This course is derived from Lucy Hutchings Hunt's personal and lived experience (33 hard won years spent battling and ultimately thriving with PMDD!). The course is not medically approved. It is, however, an approachable and highly applicable proven way of working with the PMDD problem. It is not only an insightful breakdown of the PMDD issue but it is accompanied by tried and tested solutions that have an inherently practical approach. It offers REAL help from someone 'who has been there and felt that'. Help in the form of Lucy's personally proven PMDD Power* process.

*PMDD Power is an independent method that Lucy has personally used to tackle the persistent negative effects of 'doing life with PMDD'. The process is a proven, holistic methodology that helps the sufferer of PMDD harness her deep-rooted inner strength and use it to thrive rather than survive.

Don't waste another minute living in cyclical misery and desperation. Choose freedom now! Invest in PMDD Power to work with Lucy and learn how to unleash your inner human potential by turning your experience of PMDD into your superpower.

£87.50 GBP