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PMDD Power Coaching

Life Coaching specifically for women and AFAB individuals experiencing symptoms of PMDD (Pre Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder).

This series of professional 1:1 Life Coaching sessions is specifically tailored for those who identify with the symptoms of PMDD. 

You will benefit from PMDD POWER Coaching and working with Lucy if any or all of the following criteria pertain to you: 

❤️ You are concerned you may have PMDD and need to explore answers or share confidentially in a safe space with an experienced, caring professional
❤️ You have been recently diagnosed with PMDD and are looking to develop a PMDD-friendly 'life-management plan'
❤️ You are in crisis and actively struggling with the symptoms of PMDD and are in need of compassionate support from someone who has herself experienced life with the disorder
❤️ You are in remission from PMDD and are looking to level up your life and step into your potential

Lucy looks forward to supporting you where you are at - so you can thrive, become all that you have the potential to be and harness your own unique version of PMDD Power.

What you'll get:

❤️ 6 x 30 minute PMDD Power coaching sessions

Notes: Lucy Hutchings Hunt is an ICF registered, certified Professional Life Coach and ANLP registered NLP Master. She has herself experienced the roller coaster ride and hormonal highs and lows of life whilst cyclically struggling with PMDD. A few years back, after a 30 year battle, Lucy finally conquered the symptoms and is now in remission. Converting her experience of life with PMDD into a superpower and ultimately learning to truly thrive and live in harmony with herself for the first time. Lucy brings compassion and lived experience to her desire to coach those who are going through or have gone through the same hormonal trials, tribulations and trauma. Lucy's calls her signature coaching approach PMDD Power Coaching. It is a mix of confidential, 100% impartial, individually tailored, solutions-focused life coaching support. Lucy Is not a medical professional and is unable to prescribe medication, however she has 'a little black book' of medical experts to whom she will refer you where appropriate.