Join Lucy for powerful interviews with global voices in heart-led, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, pioneering mission-centric business builders, and catalysts for positive change in the world.

“Our powerful messages have the ability to change other peoples lives for the better. The impact that the right message might have on someone at the right moment in their life is immeasurable. It could help save lives, save marriages, repair families, change someone’s health for the better, grow a company or more… We must take every opportunity out there to share our messages of passion, purpose, positivity and hope.”

Lucy Hutchings Hunt
  • Keri Murphy
    Live The Change with On-Camera Coach Keri Murphy
  • Doug Lapsley
    Live The Change with Education Gamification Expert Doug Lapsley
  • Live The Change and 'Go From Stressed to Strong' with Laurie A. Watkins
  • Live The Change with Attorney & Sext-Education™ expert Lisa Houlé
  • Live The Change with Amanda Joy Harrison from Joy Therapy
  • Laurel Rutledge
    Live The Change with Laurel Rutledge of The Rutledge Perspective
  • Pinky Ghadali
    Live The Change with Pinky Ghadali of By Pinky
  • Lucy Davis
    Live The Change with Lucy Davis of Activ8u and The Self Love Club
  • Live The Change with Dr Shyrlena Bogarde of The Intimate Wellness Institute
  • Alexandra Badita
    Live The Change with Alexandra Badita of Impressivity
  • Victoria Knowles-Lacks
    Live The Change with Victoria Knowles Lacks of The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club
  • Chris Hill
    Live The Change with Chris Hill of Beat My Addictions