She didn’t just start a business. She started an entire industry.

Vitale Buford helps women do scary things, achieve their dreams and learn to love themselves. 

Recovering perfectionist Vitale Buford had a 10-year love affair with Adderall addiction. But one day she decided to be a ‘giver not a getter’. She ditched a successful corporate career to nurture herself and help others find happiness and success from within. But it wasn’t easy – she says you have to be serious about changing, face your fears and ‘do it scared’.

Some Questions I ask 

How did you make the leap from Corporate America to launching your own coaching business?

Tell us about your journey out of Adderall addiction. Was there a defining moment?

You describe yourself as a recovering perfectionist. How do you escape being in a constant state of comparison?

What does success mean to you?

In this episode, you will learn 

How Vitale helps women at a crossroads to walk through that big change. 

How being a perfectionist only leads to procrastination. To stay centred, Vitale believes you have to surrender to a higher power and let go of how you thought things would play out. 

Vitale’s mantra – what would love do? Because love always wins. 

Ways to channel perfectionism into something more positive.

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