“Don’t forget to breathe”

Ex-TV actress Audrie Woodhouse is passionate and positive. She applies techniques learned in acting to help people relax and present with confidence and authenticity at work.

Audrie’s story is a great example of how when we serve, the impact can be immense – one happy client led to her setting up a course delivered across the NHS.

In this podcast, Audrie shares her wisdom on performing with confidence, and how she set up her business Honestly Speaking. Honestly, you’ll love it.

Some Questions I Ask:

How did you go from appearing on soaps like Emmerdale to coaching in big businesses like the NHS?
It’s easy to get into a spiral of negative self-talk. How do you get out of that, without having to rely on other people to buoy you up?
How can I write a really great self-affirmation?
How is yoga good for performance?
How did you come up with your name and brand?
You used to be really shy, didn’t you? How did you overcome that shyness?

In this episode, you will learn:

That breathing is underrated. It keeps your body fresh and gives your mind time to make decisions.
What is NLP, and how it can help presentation skills.
It’s very British to be self-deprecating, but your mind hears your negativity, and your body follows. If you want to exude confidence and positivity, you need to use great language.
That it really is possible to ditch the city and live and work where you want to.

Also mentioned:

NLP – Neuro-linguistic Programming.

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