From a tough start as a teenage, single mother to Consultant Gynaecologist and Intimate Wellness Entrepreneur

Some Questions I Ask:

What is the Intimate Wellness sector and why do you so strongly believe there is a market for services in the intimate wellness space?
How and why did you make the transition from Obstetrician & Gynaecological surgeon to Intimate Wellness Entrepreneur ?
How did your personal, challenging experience of giving birth at the age of 14, to your own child with special needs, inform your decision to become a doctor?
What was your experience like as a woman of colour, from a disadvantaged background – entering the medical profession.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How Success is not an overnight game. That it is faith, consistent hard work and commitment to clear end goals which has driven Shyrlena’s professional success.
How Shyrlena believes it is everyone’s human right to ‘get their sexy back’ How her faith that all would happen in God’s good time has added to her conviction and success. How choosing to just believe that by being of service and putting others before herself whilst ignoring the dissenting voices (as well as self doubt) is a big part of Shyrlena’s secret to success.

Connect with Shyrlena Bogard:

Instagram – @dr.shyrlena_bogard
Facebook – @shyrlenabogard
Linkedin – Shyrlena Bogard

Also Mentioned on This Show…

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