The revolutionary Co-Founder of Oodlü believes we’re preparing our kids for jobs that won’t exist. Education needs to up its game. Fast.

Doug Lapsley calls our kids ‘the lost generation’ because AI is completely changing the world as we know it, but our education system “is like a juggernaut, heading in the wrong direction”. He deeply believes we all have a moral responsibility to get ready and shape our digital future. Cue Oodlü.

A social enterprise, Oodlü offers tools to support teachers and educators to gamify what they’re teaching and make it more exciting. It’s accessible to anyone, in any language, on any budget.

But Doug’s not just a techy entrepreneur, he’s an artist and a dad too. He teaches his kids coding and how to use time online productively. He places great value on creativity and paints mind-blowing watercolours that, as he puts it, he can’t get his algorithms to do.

In this episode you will learn

The changing job future of our kids in the wake of AI (27:36)
The ‘uncertain reward’ theory and other tools of persuasion (18:15)
The potential of AI to make our life better – and to really mess it up (37:29)
This generation’s responsibility to shape what digital looks like (48:24)
The science and drivers of Oodlü’s teacher tools (10:25)

Connect with Doug Lapsley:

Doug on Linkedin

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