We are told we are too emotive. I’m challenging women to own it!’

Nikki Turner is a holistic life and business coach and founder of the It’s Our Time movement. She is passionate about empowering women to flourish in life and business. With her inspiring community, membership groups, coaching packages and newly launched magazine, Nikki is weaving holistic into the mainstream.

Some questions we ask 

  • What is the Holistic Business Circle and how does it support women in business?
  • Where can business be more empathetic and align with women’s various roles? 
  • What can people do if they’re struggling with the almost fictional reality of our COVID world?
  • How can we bring therapists who were in-person, online so we can still access their wisdom?

In this episode, you will learn 

  • Social media is an amazing platform – if you use it in a way that sticks to your values.
  • It’s not about being polished and perfect; it’s about showing up and sharing your message. 
  • You can take time out without pausing your business, by scheduling posts.
  • It can help women to plan work to the rhythm of their cycle. Hunker down when you’re low on energy, get networking when you feel like Superwoman.  

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Facebook: The Holistic Business Circle 

It’s Our Time Movement https://www.facebook.com/itsourtimemagazine

Insta: The Holistic Strategy Coach – Nikki Turner www.instagram.com/nikkiturner.co.uk

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