How can we learn from mega challenges like COVID, and translate them into an opportunity to grow?

Meet Charlie Cannon, resilience man, performance coach and motivational speaker. It’s been a tough year and we have all had to find our inner resilience to survive it. Charlie Cannon is no exception – he lost 90% of his in-person professional speaking business when COVID first hit, and it knocked him sideways. But he took a breath and pivoted his work for clients online. Businesses are now looking to Charlie’s resilience leadership training – not just to overcome the challenges of our ‘new normal’, but to realise potential and growth in the process.

Some questions we ask:
What is post-traumatic growth?
How do we use our biggest challenges in life as opportunities to grow?
What is the 4C framework for resilience?
Who can benefit from resilience leadership?
And how?

In this episode, you will learn: 
We are human beings, not human doings. Sometimes you need to slow down to speed up.
To learn from a difficult circumstance, you need to work through it – it’s not always about ‘bouncing back’.
Small steps, big change. Nudge things forward a little every day and you’ll get big impact over time.
As leaders, we are conductors of energy. We can choose what kind of energy we want to put out there.
Self-leadership is a core part of resilience. Lead yourself first.

Charlie Cannon’s 3 gems:
Know thyself
Ask for help
Leaders are conductors. What type of energy will you conduct?

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