“When men change, nations change”

Barbara Guilbride is a great inspiration to me. She’s spent her whole life showing others how to be catalysts for change. Applying her faith and a simple but effective approach based on four principles, she spent much of her life promoting global peace. She was a part of the influential Caux convention designed to create lasting peace after World War II, and helped smooth Zambia’s path to independence which to this day is in the top five most peaceful nations in Africa.

I wanted to share Barbara’s story, which just shows how a successful and rich career doesn’t have to be a transactional one. She may be 98, but her wisdom is timeless.

In this podcast you will learn:
• How personal change can be a catalyst for change in society, countries and continents.
• If you want anybody to change, the place to start with is yourself, not the other person.
• How one Zambian boy who stole from a supermarket changed his ways and became a Zambian MP.
• The four principles that guide Barbara’s life: Absolute Honesty, Purity, Unselfishness and Love, and the amazing impact of abiding by them.
• How Barbara’s life was guided by faith in God, but for the non-believing, the four principles would guide anyone of any faith, or no faith at all.

Questions I ask:
• What happened in Caux, Switzerland that helped establish lasting peace after World War II?
• What is the impact of digital communication on community, and for international diplomacy?
• Do you think Britain breaking away from Europe is a good thing?
• How was Alcoholics Anonymous inspired by Frank Buchman, the founder of The Oxford Group, and later Moral Re-Armament?

Also mentioned

Barbara’s whole story in a booklet, free to download www.changemakersgallery.com/wonderfully-led/
Initiatives of Change is the new name for Moral Re-Armament and its website tells the story of Caux, the 1957 Freedom film and explains the link with Alcoholics Anonymous.

Keri Murphy
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