Her health may have hit rock bottom but the lessons she learned in the process mean Lucy can now teach others how to live well by falling in love (with themselves).

Some Questions I Ask:

Why did you decide to leave a well paid city job and successful career trajectory in the corporate banking sector to become a globe trotting wellness and self love coach?
How did you get past the pressure of the expectations of society and family to take the leap of faith into the ‘unknown’ of the wellness sector?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How years of health problems and degenerative illness, led to Lucy’s lack of ability to engage with life as nature intended.
Her bleakness and persistent illness were the catalysts for her taking a career break in Australasia and ultimately make profound changes in her approach to life and existence.
How the death of a beloved Grandfather and the untimely death of her best friend catapulted her into entrepreneurial action.
How she stealthily leveraged her employed role to build reputation and a solid client base to ensure she set herself up for success as an entrepreneur when going it alone.
How Lucy now travels the world teaching thousands of people how to love themselves and live healthy, happy, fulfilled lives.

Connect with Lucy Davis:

Facebook – @activ8ultd
Instagram – @activ8_u
Linkedin – Lucy Davis

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