Decades of success in C-suite level HR roles led to corporate burnout but also to a profound personal and professional breakthrough…

Some Questions I Ask:

Why did you decide to leave a successful career in corporate HR in order to set up your own consultancy firm?
Why are you so passionate about helping women navigate their way out of corporate burnout?
How did you make the change from corporate to entrepreneur?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How just saying yes can lead to unexpected and higher places. It led Laurel from the dry world of audits in a big firm to HR, where she could start her journey of serving others.

No-one needs to be unhappy in their job, but it can take courage to make the change. Laurel shares how she got off the corporate hamster wheel and set up her own business.

Your goals are within reach – you just have to work out your why and make a plan.

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Instagram – @laurel.k.rutledge
Linkedin – Laurel Rutledge

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