A beauty salon,                  but not as you know it

I believe any business can be digitised, however bricks-and-mortar it may seem.

So, I’m fascinated how Jennie Lawson – who started her first business when she was 21 – has created an online version of her beauty salon. She took the spiritual nourishment that she offers one-to-one in the treatment room, and brought it to a wider audience with Mimosa Sanctuary.

She talks to me about the grief that spurred her on, dyslexia, and the tough reality of being a young, award-winning entrepreneur.

Some Questions I ask

Beauty salons are such a hands-on experience. How can you use digital techniques to bring that experience online?

What part did your huge grief play in the creation of your self-care platform?

How does someone with severe dyslexia write 6 eBooks?

In this episode, you will learn

How daily rituals can help when you’re struggling to get through your day

The power of mindfulness on grief and pain

Strategies for keeping happy when you run your own business

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