“Life is far more enjoyable when you are on your own side.”

Janey has spent the past 20 years helping women to improve their mindset and their health. A degree in International Relations led to a brief spell working for the government and in the corporate world, both of which quickly dispelled any notion she had to work for anyone other than herself. Reaching rock bottom, both financially and on a personal level, her epiphany moment came at a fitness class when she completely recast her life and became a personal trainer. Her boot camp program, Fit for a Princess, grew exponentially and proved that despite her lack of formal business training, learning from her own mistakes provided her with the answers she needed to succeed. Her BEST mindset program has been running for seven years and in response to this year’s health crisis, she has now launched her BEST business program aimed at helping small businesses run by women.

Some questions I ask:

  • What should you do to change your mindset when you are in a dark place?
  • How do you deal with someone who is trying to sabotage your life?
  • Describe how your BEST program helps women to be their greatest and most authentic selves?
  • What drove you to become an entrepreneur at such a young age?

In this episode, you will learn:

  • There is no such thing as right or wrong, just belief systems and values
  • The only person who can make yourself stressed is you – learn to detach and disassociate
  • Mirroring is a confidence tool whereby you act in a such a way that implies you have already succeeded
  • The definition of inspire: to breathe life into
  • Embrace plot twists in your life as they can lead you to better places

Janey’s 3 gems:

  • Give yourself permission to create the life you want and which makes you feel good
  • Never worry about what other people think about you – it isn’t your business
  • Be kind to yourself. Show self-compassion and give yourself permission to be imperfect

Connect with Janey:

Website: Janey Holliday
Twitter: @JaneyHolliday

Instagram: Janey Holliday

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Janey Holliday
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