“Anything is possible until you decide that it isn’t.”

Gita’s childhood aspirations to become an Oscar-winning actress perhaps portrayed early signs of an open-mindedness of spirit and the glorious idea of possibility. Her positive outlook was repeatedly remarked upon by her peers during a 15-year banking career in London, a positivity which helped this Australian born “neuroscience nerd” overcome Imposter Syndrome and a life-threatening condition to become a mindset and performance coach. A mission to create one billion “possibilists” has come from her understanding that destiny evolves and that success lies in choosing what to give meaning to among our constantly running thought processes.

Some questions I ask:

  • What is your mission to create one billion ‘possibilists’?
  • If you understand that feelings create thoughts, do you then have agency over how you feel?  
  • When meditating, should we allow our thought processes to keep running?
  • Is it typical for people to feel that they need qualifications to speak to their genius?

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Focussing on possibilities gives greater value than focussing on trying to remain positive
  • Confidence is another myth we are being constantly fed and feeling the need for external validation is outsourcing our wellbeing
  • Feelings come from our thinking so we should observe the velocity of this thinking while maintaining our true thoughts
  • Our brains cannot process negatives: we can’t NOT think about pink elephants without thinking about pink elephants
  • The importance of separating what is a fact and what is a belief

Gita’s 3 gems:

  • Gratitude will save you when you feel everything is out of control
  • Perfectionism is a myth – don’t become a slave to it
  • Everything is possible. Quieten your mind and listen to your inner wisdom for you to create in this world like nobody else will

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Website: High Definition You

Instagram: Gita Trevorrow-Seymour

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