Activate your superpower

Giovanna Rossi is my kinda woman. She’s a feminist, she’s advocated for women in policy, and she wants women to lead and succeed. Her Well Woman radio show evolved into a podcast and support system that values a woman’s skills and supports her to sustain her family.

Some questions we ask

  • What is Well Woman Life and who is it for?
  • Does growing up in two nations help you see things differently?
  • You’re a woman with a lucrative and lasting business; why are there so few around?
  • What is a superpower and how do I know if I have one?

In this episode, you will learn

  • We live in a society with systems and structures that don’t support women
  • Competition is unhelpful – it keeps women and other marginalised groups out
  • Business based on collaboration and compassion works better for women
  • If you are working with kids at home, you really have to plan it out

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Giovanna Rossi
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