His twin brother’s tragic death has been the catalyst for helping save thousands of other lives

Some Questions I Ask:

What prompted you to initially set up Beat My Addictions?
How did the book ‘Get Your Life Back: The Road to Freedom from Addiction’ contribute to your foundation for success?
How do you use Facebook Lives and social media to spread your message and help thousands of people?
How did you go from being a messed-up junkie to advising global organisations including the US government on their medical approach to drug addiction rehabilitation?
Why did you decide to commit your life to spreading the word about recovery through your organisation, Beat My Addictions?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How the death of his twin brother from an accidental drugs overdose has led to Chris finding a higher purpose for his life. Meaning that today his entire existence is committed to helping others beat their Addictions.
How and why addicts are not just ‘weak’ people.

Connect with Chris Hill:

Facebook – Chris Hill
Instagram – @beatmyaddictions
Linkedin – @beatmyaddictions

Also Mentioned on This Show…

Alcoholics Anonymous, Allan Carr, The 12 steps, Chris’s Book: Get Your Life Back

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