“Journalists will not usually write about a business but they will write about the story behind a business.”

As a PR expert with 20 years experience behind her, Caroline loves championing small businesses and solopreneurs, many of whom are women. A stint in a large corporate gave her an insight to the varied world of PR and the realisation that she was better suited to running her own agency. Cheerleader PR was launched two years ago and offers coaching, courses and consultancy all aimed at raising a business’s profile and credibility.

Some questions I ask:

  • What observations about the changes in the PR industry have you noticed since you started out in 2001?
  • Would you agree that women understand the nuances of PR better than men?
  • Are media bios a good starting point for business PR?
  • Can the PR route to amplifying a business message be more powerful than paid advertising?

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Third party endorsements and a stamp of approval from journalists remain key principles of PR
  • Now is a great time for women in business to stand up and be themselves
  • PR will amplify a positive business message and this applies equally to small businesses as to larger ones
  • The importance of backlinks from authoritative publications to increase Domain Authority
  • Learning to be our own cheerleaders and being cheerleaders for others

Caroline’s 3 PR gems:

  • You are more interesting than you realise
  • Look to your existing network and build relationships there. Start locally and build up
  • Words and pictures are equally important in PR – it is worth investing in professional photography

Connect with Caroline:

Website: Cheerleader PR

Instagram: Cheerleader PR

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