She didn’t just start a business. She started an entire industry.

Twelve years ago Anna-Mieke had the vision to create a conflict-free diamond and has led the evolution of the lab-grown diamond industry. Even before the technology to create diamonds was perfected she knew that the only way to combat conflict-diamonds was to grow them in a modern-day lab environment.

Some Questions Lucy Asks:

How did you come up with the then, unheard of idea of growing diamonds for jewellery purposes in a laboratory?
Where did you get the self belief that the project might work?
How did you fund the business idea?
How did you deal with the David Vs Goliath vibe you experienced from the ‘haters’ from within the industry?
Where did you find the courage to keep going when you were experiencing tough times in your personal life as well as discouragement from the business opposition? 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How a chance letter she received from a 9 year old Liberian boy changed the course of Anna-Mieke’s life (and those of millions of others), forever.
How it has been possible for a non-uni educated, single mum of two young kids to disrupt and change the direction of the billion dollar, global diamond industry (that initially tried to diminish her) for the infinite better. 

Connect with Anna-Mieke Anderson:

Instagram – @annamiekeanderson
Facebook – @annamiekeanderson

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Anna-Mieke Andersen
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