They call her ‘The Womb Whisperer’…

Some Questions I Ask:

How have you successfully stepped into the role of ‘Womb Whisperer’ despite various voices within your industry saying you had no right to work in it and trying to dissuade you?

How did your experiences of working amongst women in rural Saudi Arabia inform your decision to focus on helping Western women improve their experiences around pregnancy and birth?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How Amanda found that whilst her early career was spent instinctively wander-lusting about after native healing techniques – it is clear to her now that every crazy experience happened for a reason as they have all successfully converged together in order to organically manifest the creation of her business Joy Therapy Centre.
How it has taken twenty years to finally know, exactly what she is meant to be doing this life by setting up Joy Therapy Centre.
Meaning that now, every day makes sense and money comes naturally as she is channelling her inner genius as a healer.
How choosing to ignore the dissenting voices added to her conviction and success.

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